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Services Overview

Future|Shift Consulting’s services enable clients to build change-ready,
Future-Fit organizations primed for the Future of Work.


We offer a range of capabilities centered around organizational change that include:












A Model for Becoming a Future-Fit Organization

Through our unique approach shown below, we help you explore the future, learn to navigate change, and implement measures aimed at building a more adaptive workforce. 

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FS Future Fit Model_2-16-23.png

These three areas, working in concert, can transform your organization into one that is ready to handle disruptive change and leap into the future of work.

We also provide change management services for individual projects, coach executives on change sponsorship, and offer a program for kickstarting your journey into the Future of Work. While our combined services were developed to transform the way your organization handles change, we can provide them separately or in packaged offerings to meet your unique needs. We can work in partnership with in-house organizational change management staff, and/or bring in additional outside help as-needed from our extended network of subject matter experts.

Strategic Advisory

Foresight icon.png

Elevate and Anticipate Change

  • Client Need:

Get ahead of disruptive change; turn it from a risk into an opportunity. 

  • The Shift:

Change your perspective on change. Elevate it to a strategic concern and apply strategic foresight to anticipate your organization’s future.

Strategic Foresight.jpeg
  • Solution: 

The best way to prepare for the future is to build the future you want. For an organization to do that it needs to have a clearer picture of what's on the horizon within its industry, the impact of “mega-trends” on the environment it operates in, and the internal changes that may be needed due to these impacts.

Traditional strategic planning alone is not effective at doing this in today’s accelerated age. What’s needed is to integrate change (an
d its potential impacts) into the strategic planning process, treating it as an element of risk management. Doing this requires a more fluid approach that considers a range of scenarios so that you are prepared for the various paths that may unfold, along with looking at change holistically across your entire organization. Incorporating the use of strategic foresight and change-focused risk tools into your planning will enable you to identify and proactively respond to your organization’s emerging future.  

  • Related Services: 

    • Trends Intelligence/Monitoring (Horizon Scanning) 

    • Strategic Foresight Facilitation (e.g., Scenario Planning & Implications Analysis)

    • Change-focused enterprise risk assessment

    • Foresight-Informed Strategy Development 

    • Identify & Prioritize Change Initiatives

    • Communications: Create a Future Narrative for Engaging Employees, Shareholders, Customers/Clients

    • Additional Foresight support and services (e.g. Trend-based Business Ideation, Foresight Research, Forecast Monitoring, and more) are made available through our strategic partner, Quantumrun Foresight

Strategic Advisory


Change Mindset icon.png

Inspire Change Leadership

  • Client Need:

Build an adaptive culture so your people can flourish amid growing uncertainty and rapid change.

  • The Shift:

Embrace a new leadership paradigm that embodies anticipative and adaptive habits; foster a change mindset throughout the organization. 

  • Solution: 

    • Develop the mindset and skills your people need by: 

      • Educating executives and key influencers (i.e. change agents) in change leadership and instilling anticipative (i.e., foresight-driven) traits with an adaptive mindset. 

      • Embedding change-ready behaviors (resilience, adaptability, and autonomy) in your workforce that are aligned with company values.

leadership development.png
  • Related Services: 

    • Build and deploy leadership and workforce development programs:

      • Change Leadership/Change Agent training aimed at both developing an anticipative leadership approach and putting it into practice.

      • Change Leadership Coaching: Build upon training through ongoing, select coaching opportunities (often centered around leading strategic change initiatives)

      • Customized employee training focused on teaching change-ready behaviors and traits that best address your needs.

Leadership/Workforce Deveopmnt

Enterprise Change Readiness (ECR) Consulting

Build Organizational Change Agility

  • Client Need:

Learn how to thrive in an exponential world by becoming nimble enough to “do business at the speed of change.”   

  • The Shift:

Establish a guiding set of operating principles and tools for handling change across the organization and design responsive, agile ways of working to support those principles. Become a connected, collaborative, change-ready organization, i.e., disruption-proof!

Network-snazzy-new background.png
  • Solution: 

    • Establish a set of ECR operating principles that guide how you handle change across the organization. 

    • Implement a framework and tools that serve as a reference model for facilitating and enabling change on an ongoing basis; i.e., one that empowers your people to co-create change.

      • Adopt new ways of working that enable and facilitate organizational change agility.

    • Incorporate OCM upfront on new initiatives (i.e., during initial project planning) to reduce the risk of critical stakeholder issues arising later on.

  • Related Services: 

    • Organizational assessment to uncover gaps and determine your needs.

    • Design a change acceleration strategy that enhances how your people connect, communicate and collaborate to radically improve alignment and clarity across the company.

    • Develop and assist in the rollout of a “Change Platform” (framework w/tools, procedures, governance) that enables the organization to collectively facilitate organizational change activities.

      • Can include guiding you in the selection (or design) of your preferred OCM methodology and/or overall strategic approach to OCM 

    • Provide OCM consulting for the planning of key initiatives

Enterprise Change Readiness

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