“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change."
– Bill Clinton

Future|Shift’s services are centered on organizational development and effectiveness. Our expertise is in communications, change management, and collaboration strategy – three areas critical to any organizational change. We approach these from a digital transformation perspective, which we believe can be a key accelerator for your organization’s change efforts. Adopting enterprise social networking, for example, can often cultivate a more change-ready environment, and is an area we specialize in. We can also partner with you to develop employee engagement initiatives that will foster an environment conducive to your change efforts.

As such, our services fall primarily into the following buckets:


Future|Shift can develop strategies in these areas, build and execute plans and programs, coach leaders and managers, run workshops, and provide copywriting services (e.g. leadership messaging, change communications). We can implement strategic plans in partnership with your in-house staff, serving either as your primary communications and change management lead or as support for your existing internal resources.  

The approach taken for each of our services is one that encourages a culture shift towards a more people-focused (both employees and customers), purpose-driven, “lead from the edge” type of organization. More on each of our services follows:

Corporate Communications
  • Develop communication strategies aligned with change management programs, other internal initiatives, or market-facing efforts. We can help tell your corporate story.

  • Partner with you to build or improve upon an internal communication program that upgrades your organization’s capabilities in this area

  • Deliver intranet strategies, create content and recommend content management approaches, including providing the same services for team or project microsites

  • Create organizational communication strategies that span from leadership to department and team level

  • Leadership messaging: Work with individual leaders or leadership teams on general messaging, strategic communications, talking points, presentations, blogs, and speeches

  • Branding/Re-branding: Develop a brand for an internal group or external facing department (aligned with your corporate brand), including narrative, identity, value proposition, imagery, elevator speech, and key messages

  • Copywriting/editing for communications on new policies, processes, system implementations, people development initiatives, organizational restructuring and more

Change Management
  • Assess the current state and help you define the future state, identifying where the gaps are and how best to cross them

  • Perform a change impact and stakeholder analysis, and determine best approaches for addressing findings

  • Develop a change management plan that fits your organization’s needs. Solutions can include:

    • Apply the Prosci framework and utilize licensed Prosci tools for implementation, if determined to be best fit (Future|Shift is certified by Prosci giving us the license to use their methodology and tools)

    • Develop a mixed approach using the best of multiple existing methodologies and best practices to meet broader needs

    • Implement a “Responsive Change Management” approach that incorporates new, more  agile-based approaches

  • Work with your communications team to align their activities with the change management plan

  • Build a sponsorship plan to ensure active leadership participation.

  • Implement a change management plan to encourage adoption of a new system implementation.

Social Collaboration (Enterprise Social Networking)
  • Work with your team to build a business case and roadmap to support the introduction of enterprise social networking (ESN) and collaboration, including vendor evaluation and selection

  • Design an adoption strategy for the launch of an ESN platform to improve collaboration and connectivity, facilitate knowledge sharing, and accelerate innovation (including communications, training, advocate program, recognition, and measurement plans)

  • Run kick-off workshops, coach leaders on platform engagement

  • Advise your internal teams on how to transition to a more open and collaborative way of working, that will deliver additional value to their customers or internal and external clients.

  • Prepare use-cases, “day-in-the-life” role-based tutorials, journey maps, and success stories to help facilitate adoption

  • Explore and devise additional digital strategies that will help transform how your company operates (e.g. employee advocacy programs)

  • Future|Shift is familiar with many social collaboration tools and has specific expertise in the Jive platform

Employee Engagement

Partner with you to develop programs and workshops that promote and enable more engaged and connected cultures, including:

  • Building workforce resilience (e.g. readily adapt to change)

  • Tapping into employees’ strengths and desires to improve team effectiveness

  • Embedding company values through aligned behaviors linked to outcomes

  • Implementing “Working out Loud” programs that teach employees the skills needed to succeed in a more networked, open, and digital environment

  • Improve managerial effectiveness

  • Provide coaching to executives on adaptive leadership (the type of leadership needed for engaged and connected cultures to thrive)

Organizational Effectiveness

Exploring potential changes to your organizational design and team structures/processes, in combination with other improvements specified in the services above, can lead to vastly improved organizational effectiveness. Future|Shift Consulting can work with you to build a program that addresses all areas needed to make your organization more flexible and responsive to today’s rapidly changing business environment.

  • Perform an assessment to determine what your organization needs to shift to new and better ways of working

  • Create a program that packages multiple services together to achieve your overall goal

  • Recommend additional resources (if needed) and build a team of highly skilled change agents that specialize in “the future of work” (i.e. new, responsive ways of organizing, leading, and working)


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