Services Overview

Future|Shift Consulting’s services are focused on enabling organizations to anticipate and navigate change.


We help you explore the future and design and implement measures aimed at building change-ready practices and an adaptive workforce. We also provide change management services for individual initiatives and coach executives on change leadership. 

We offer a range of capabilities and expertise focused on: 


These four areas, working in concert (as shown in the model below), are what we believe are needed to transform your organization into one that is primed for the future of work.

New Service Model-2022.png

Future|Shift Consulting can develop strategies in these areas, build and execute plans and employee programs, coach leaders, facilitate workshops, and develop related content and communications. We can work in partnership with in-house organizational change management staff, and/or bring in additional outside help as-needed from our extended network of subject matter experts.


While our combined services were developed to transform the way your organization handles change, we can provide them separately or in packaged offerings to meet your unique needs. Whether large transformations or smaller-scale operational changes, we approach every project with an eye towards helping your company become a workplace of the future. 

Strategic Foresight

Anticipate and Influence Change

  • Client Need:

Get ahead of disruptive change 

  • The Shift:

Anticipate and influence your organization’s future through strategic foresight 

  • Solution: 

The best way to prepare for the future is to build the future you want. For an organization to do that it needs to have a clearer picture of what's on the horizon within its industry, as well as the potential impact of “mega-trends” on the environment it operates in.

Traditional strategic planning alone is not effective at doing this in today’s accelerated age. What’s needed is a more fluid approach that considers a range of scenarios so that you are prepared for the various paths that may unfold. Incorporating the use of foresight into your strategic planning will enable you to identify and proactively respond to your organization’s emerging future.  

Strategic Foresight.jpeg
  • Related Services: 

    • Trends Intelligence (Horizon Scanning) & Scenarios Exploration

    • Strategic Foresight Facilitation (From Workshops to Projects)

    • Foresight-Informed Strategy Development (Build an Anticipatory Roadmap)

    • Communications: Create a Future Narrative for Engaging Stakeholders (Employees, Shareholders, Customers/Clients)


Organizational Change Management

Proactively Manage Change

  • Client Need:

    • Optimize results of change efforts (e.g., improve adoption of new systems, processes, policies),

    • Get a better handle on all the changes impacting your people.

    • Bolster your internal organizational change management (OCM) program in order to better meet your demanding environment. 

  • The Shift:

Elevate OCM to a strategic activity and address the people side of change more consistently, more broadly, and much sooner. 

  • Solution: 

    • Supplement your OCM program (or build one if needed) through the use of proven expertise and innovative practices.

    • Establish the capability to monitor and address change holistically across your project portfolio.

    • Incorporate OCM into the initial planning phases of a project (e.g., business case and vision development); conducting upfront OCM will reduce the risk of critical stakeholder issues arising later on. 

    • Apply OCM to all initiatives, assessing which require a light OCM touch vs. a full-blown change program.

    • Utilize proven outcome-oriented OCM approaches customized for your organization that addresses all areas of the "OCM Wheel" shown above.  

    • Align OCM with Strategic Foresight efforts (if ongoing or implementing) to plan for changes on the horizon.

OCM Wheel 2b.png
  • Related Services: 

    • Build an enterprise-wide OCM program aimed at standardizing practices and reducing change fatigue.

    • Perform OCM assessments to gain insight into the organization’s current state, understand stakeholders, and define change impacts (current vs. future state).

    • Develop customized OCM strategies, including aligned communications and sponsorship plans.

    • Coach executives on how to lead change initiatives and serve in sponsorship roles

    • Develop key messaging; draft and publish stakeholder communications

    • Plan and conduct stakeholder engagement activities

    • Build and manage Change Advocate Networks

    • Ensure success by addressing and mitigating resistance


Building Change-Ready Practices

Become Change-Ready

  • Client Need:

In order to thrive in an exponential world, companies need to be nimble enough to “do business at the speed of change,” i.e., become more fluid, emergent, responsive, change-ready organizations. 

  • The Shift:

Design responsive ways of working and become a connected, collaborative, change-ready organization, i.e., VUCA-proof. 

  • Solution: 

    • Design a framework for facilitating and enabling change on an ongoing basis, i.e., empower your people to co-create change.

    • Adopt new ways of working that enable and facilitate organizational change agility.

    • Accelerate cross-organizational communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration on all value chain activities in order to radically improve alignment and clarity across the company. 

  • Related Services: 

We offer the expertise to help organizations develop the agility to respond to change as soon as it appears on the horizon, and reduce the disruptive effects of constant change. Such services are very customized to each organization’s situation but may include: 

    • Perform an organizational assessment to uncover your gaps and determine what’s needed.

    • Design a collaboration strategy that mixes both digital and offline solutions to enhance how your people connect, communicate and collaborate.

    • Develop and implement a Change Platform (a framework w/tools, procedures, governance) that enables the organization to collectively facilitate organizational change activities while managing and mitigating change fatigue.


Leadership / Workforce Development (Change Mindset)

The 21st century leader goes into the world and breaks down walls by bringing communities together in conversations.” - Ayelet Baron, Author & Speaker


Whether you’re on a journey to transform your culture or need to better prepare sponsors to lead change projects, we can provide advisory services to help your people become the change leaders they need to be.

Develop an Adaptive Culture

  • Client Need:

Help your people flourish in an environment of accelerated change by learning to embrace a change mindset, as well as help your leaders become true “21st-century leaders” with anticipative and adaptive leadership traits.

  • The Shift:

Embrace a new leadership paradigm. Becoming a change-ready culture starts with leadership. Change your culture by changing your leadership style, while fostering a workplace environment of personal adaptability.

leadership development.png
  • Solution: 

An organization’s ability to thrive can only go as far as the skills, mindset, and strength of its people. In a world of constant change, an organization’s employee and leadership development programs must account for the skills needed to flourish amid growing uncertainty and accelerated change. Programs must provide opportunities for:

    • Building workforce resilience, adaptability, and autonomy.

    • Embedding change-ready behaviors/mindsets and aligning them with company values.

    • Creating Anticipative Change Leadership (combining a foresight-driven outlook with an adaptive mindset). 

    • Developing skills needed to succeed in a more networked, open, and digital environment.

  • Related Services: 

    • We can partner with you to develop employee workshops and training focused on (but not limited to) the areas listed above.

    • Executive coaching and planning sessions aimed at both developing an anticipative leadership approach and putting it into practice.

    • Recommend and facilitate existing cutting-edge external programs that best address these needs.


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