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Rob Caldera

Managing Principal of

Future|Shift Consulting LLC

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Futurist / Change Agent / Organizational Strategist

Have you ever said in frustration, “This isn’t rocket science!” when trying to deal with a nagging organizational problem? Perhaps, a rocket scientist is exactly what you need after all!


With a degree in aerospace engineering, I’ve often been referred to as that. While my current work is focused more on people than numbers, there’s still some truth to that label. Striving for evolutionary leaps and exponential improvement, applying innovative thinking, and imagining new possibilities are traits that originally led me to a field focused on the stars. Instead, I now apply them to improving organizations here on Earth.

My Passions

Work in the modern age should be more engaging, more purposeful, and more human and I am passionate about making this happen for organizations. 

However, disruptive change, which is rapidly increasing as we move towards a future filled with artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, quantum computing, and more, can be an impediment to building such workplaces. This is where other passions/interests of mine come in handy.  

I am fascinated with exploring the future, as well as the psychology of change in organizations. As disparate as these two interests sound, when woven together they provide a unique approach for helping organizations undertake the paradigm shift needed to be successful in the rapidly changing world of work.

My Qualifications

Whether as a solo practitioner or employee, I’ve spent the better part of three decades driving small and large-scale changes in business. These have ranged from adoptions of new systems, processes, and policies to organizational restructurings and people-development efforts. Some of the advantages I bring to the table include:

  • Prosci Certified Change Practitioner

  • Advanced Certification in Strategic Foresight (Univ. of Houston)

  • Experience in multiple industries including Pharmaceutical, Financial, Publishing, Accounting/Advisory (Big 4), Engineering & Construction

  • Extensive experience with technology implementations and digital strategy

  • Strong foundation in internal communications; former president of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) NJ chapter, among other Board roles

  • Masters in management, Bachelors in engineering

With these capabilities and experience I can help your organization develop a newfound sense of confidence in the future.


Our Network & Partners

We are fortunate to have some of the smartest thought leaders and leading practitioners in the same or complementary fields within our network – experts we can draw upon and partner with to meet your project’s specialized needs.


Representative organizations include:


An independent organizational change management collaborative of consultants with extensive experience in the bio/pharmaceutical industry. They have created powerful OCM programs that have helped organizations to adopt new systems and processes, and experience change successfully. 

Quantumrun Foresight - Logo - Box.png

A consulting and research firm that uses long-range strategic foresight to help corporations and government agencies thrive from future trends. Quantumrun's foresight work has kept strategy, innovation, and R&D teams ahead of disruptive market shifts and has contributed to developing innovative products, services, legislation, and business models. For more details, review Quantumrun Foresight's service offerings and their trend platform. 

ThoughtFront Logo.png

A futures-focused thought leadership advisory that helps executives, founders, product managers and other innovators develop powerful narratives that shape organizations, partnerships and even industries. Thought Front Advisory provides access to a wide range of complimentary services through a network of trusted professionals.


ACMP is the leading resource for the global community of individual change management practitioners.

APF logo.png

A global community of futurists, dedicated to promoting professional excellence and demonstrating the value of strategic foresight and futures studies for their clients and/or employers.


A vibrant global membership association that serves professionals in the field of business communication, bringing together the profession’s collective disciplines.


asynco is an international community of distributed work practitioners, enthusiasts and pioneers who are proactively convening and participating in conversations, peer-learning and action to co-create the future of work, today.

My Network
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