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The Future of Work (FoW)

Workshops and Consulting Services

Is your organization exploring questions like:

  • What does the FoW mean for our industry and organization and what anticipated changes could we expect?

  • How should we address the FoW? Where do we start?

  • How can we get ahead of all the disruptive changes the FoW will bring (both near and long-term) and even gain a competitive advantage? 

  • What changes does our organization need to make to not only be ready for the FoW but to be a leader in it? 


If not, you should be. The Future of Work is a complex picture impacting many different aspects of People, Places, and Practices. While there are common trends that all companies need to account for, each organization will be affected differently and at different times. Significant change resulting from the FoW’s impact is inevitable for all organizations, but what that change looks like and when it will need to happen is a continuously evolving story. Nonetheless, aspects of the FoW are already here with others right around the corner, and much more to come. 

That’s why you need a FoW strategy. Future|Shift Consulting can provide the clarity you need to gain a better understanding of how the FoW will impact your company, and guide you in creating a roadmap to your own unique vision of the FoW.


Through workshops, consulting, or a combination of both, we offer the following:

  • Insights on the latest trends affecting the Future of Work (especially in your industry).

  • Assessment of your organization’s maturity level with respect to FoW trends/capabilities.

  • Guidance in the creation of a vision, roadmap, and messaging for your organization’s FoW journey.

  • Create a Hybrid Working plan that encapsulates many traits needed to thrive in the FoW.

  • Education/training on how to better manage uncertainty by taking a Futurist approach (i.e., embedding the practice of strategic foresight) and how to foster a change-ready mindset that could be translated into everyday work practices.


Kickstart your journey into the Future of Work with Future|Shift Consulting’s help!

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