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About Us



Accelerated change.
Massive disruption.

Your organization wasn’t built to cope with the demands of the 21st century and the cracks are showing.


Traditional management approaches weren’t designed to handle today’s fast-paced business environment, let alone the uncertain future bearing down on us. Efforts to drive efficiency and predictability usually do so at the expense of adaptability, responsiveness, and employee engagement. The result?

  • Inability to respond quickly or effectively to problems

  • High failure rate of change programs; e.g., poor adoption of systems, policies, or other changes

  • Workplace malaise; a disengaged workforce


Sound familiar? The conventional solutions to these problems are not effective in our post-industrial world. To survive and thrive you need new approaches. 

At the same time, the “Future of Work” is beckoning but you don’t know how to get there or how to deal with aspects that are already here (e.g. hybrid/remote work). It’s a complex picture impacting the workforce, workplace, and work practices. You need a guide.

Image by Scott Graham

Our Solution

Future|Shift Consulting is dedicated to helping your organization anticipate and navigate disruptive change, becoming more effective and engaging in the process. We do this with an eye toward the Future of Work to ensure your organization is primed and ready for what it may bring, what we refer to as a Future-Fit Organization.


We believe that successfully making this shift begins with taking a futurist’s perspective and co-creating that future with our clients. Our Future-Fit approach employs …

  • … a foresight-driven organizational change management approach that removes the blinders so your strategic plans are more informed, 

  • … a change mindset-focused leadership and workforce training and coaching program to help your people become more anticipatory and adaptive, and 

  • work redesign centered around building Enterprise Change Readiness practices so that your operation is better equipped to handle continuous change. 


Similarly, our Future of Work Kickstarter program helps you establish a foundation – a foothold in the future – for transforming your organization over the long term.


By addressing strategy, operations, and people/culture together, our approach provides a powerful means for meeting the disruptive future head-on.

Who We Are

Future|Shift Consulting LLC is a small, independent consulting firm based in New Jersey founded by Futurist and OCM / Future of Work expert Rob Caldera


Rob is highly experienced in corporate change initiatives and can provide the insight, guidance, and support you need to thrive in this age of disruption.

We are your gateway to the Future of Work.

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