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Embracing the Future of Work through Large-Scale Transformation

Business Meeting


How do you prepare a large, very traditional organization to handle a profusion of changes as part of a massive transformation to become more modern?


A Fortune 50 Insurance company had initiated an organization-wide transformation consisting of individual “Future of Work” programs in each business unit. They sought to eliminate the complex, unwieldy, and disparate operating models that had evolved over decades with ones that provided better customer and employee experience through automation and digital engagement.


In addition, they were also embarking on an effort to build a Change Management Center of Excellence (CoE) that would provide standardized OCM methods, tools, and capabilities and be responsible for imbuing a changed mindset throughout the company.


Future|Shift Consulting was brought in to build an OCM program for one of the Future of Work programs – a massive one that comprised five major work streams and 22 projects for over 40 distinct stakeholder groups. We were also charged with assisting the development of the CoE. This was an 8-month project with a goal of establishing a foundation and ramping up work before handing off to internal staff to complete the execution.

Project Synopsis #1

What We Did:

  • Interviewed many leaders and performed an incredibly extensive stakeholder analysis and change impact assessment; tracked all stakeholder engagement activities, identified and addressed gaps

  • Ran an OCM workshop with members from the business, HR, and Talent to assess the challenges and strategize the best path forward

  • Developed a robust change management strategy that included a program-level approach combined with targeted workstream activities/support

  • Built, prepared, and ran a change champion network of 25 people embedded in the workstreams

  • Worked closely with internal communication team (recommended activities; supported efforts)

  • Recommended HR activities to facilitate the needed culture change and supported the roll-out of an enterprise-wide Change Mindset campaign

  • Coached program executives and project team members on their role as change leaders

  • Defined success metrics and worked with HR to build a change metrics dashboard


  • Ensured the business was prepared to effectively manage this significant change going forward

  • Program Lead, HR Business Partner, and Workstream Leads were better prepared to handle the change impacts over this long transformation

  • Ramped up change management efforts on all workstreams so they can continue unabated

  • Uncovered (and cataloged) multiple areas of resistance to the program; provided prescriptive mitigative actions to take

  • CoE was fully functional (running campaigns, providing OCM support) upon project close-out

  • Handed off a comprehensive OCM plan to the newly assigned in-house Change Managers (coached and prepared them)

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