Change is easy once you've made the shift...




Your Challenge 

Accelerated change. Massive disruption.


Your organization wasn’t built to cope with the demands of the 21st century. The result?

  • Inability to respond quickly or effectively to external pressures

  • High failure of change programs

  • Poor adoption of new systems or policies

  • Ineffective communication and collaboration

  • Disengaged workforce


How do you adapt? Traditional solutions and methodologies to these problems aren’t effective in our post-industrial world. To survive and thrive you need new approaches.


What We Offer

Future|Shift Consulting offers our clients a path to becoming more adaptive, responsive and human-centered organizations. We are dedicated to helping our clients make step-change improvements in the way they connect, communicate, and collaborate in order to successfully implement change initiatives and introduce new and better ways of working. Our aim is to help organizations shift from ineffective industrial age practices to the future of work, driving employee engagement in the process.


We can provide the general insight and strategic counsel for mapping out how your organization needs to change as well as the guidance and implementation support for your organization’s specific change initiatives. Whether large transformations or smaller scale operational changes, we approach every project with an eye towards helping your company become a workplace of the future.

Transformation starts best with small but innovative changes, smartly made. Future|Shift can help organizations identify and implement these levers of change, and shepherd them through this evolution. We do this through developing strategies, building programs or providing services primarily in the areas of communications, change management, and organizational effectiveness strategy.

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Future|Shift’s services are centered on organizational development and effectiveness. Our expertise is in  internal communications, change management, and collaboration strategy – three areas critical to any organizational change. We approach these from a digital transformation perspective, which we believe can be a key accelerator for your organization’s change efforts. Learn more about the services we offer and how we can partner with you.



Future|Shift’s managing principal has 25 years experience working as a change agent in various industries. This includes driving small and large scale changes ranging from adoptions of new systems, processes, and policies to organizational restructurings and people development efforts. With a strong foundation in communications and change management we can help your organization make the shift to the “future of work”.


Future|Shift is fortunate to have some of the smartest thought leaders and leading practitioners in complementary fields within its network. We’ve collaborated with experts in organizational design, knowledge management, digital technology, and more. We are also a founding member of the Change Agents Worldwide network. We can partner with an array of expert resources to meet your project’s specialized needs.


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