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We help organizations take control of their future by becoming more adaptive and responsive to the transformational shifts happening around them. We can serve as your gateway to what can be – an exciting future of work that is more engaging, more promising, and most of all, more human.

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"The pace of change is relentless today. Disruption is upending the most stable businesses. To thrive in the 21st century, organizations must learn to anticipate and navigate change more effectively, and embrace new ways of working.”

-Rob Caldera, Managing Principal

Future|Shift Consulting


What We Believe

The Future of Work is one that’s more human—one where all employees are connected and empowered to make a difference, enabling organizations to better meet their own purpose. But the impact of continuous, disruptive change makes it difficult for organizations to be anything other than reactive.


Learning how to better cope with change is the first step in this transformation. Organizations must shift their mindset from trying to manage change to one of becoming a change-ready organization. The practices that will enable this shift will also create a more human workplace.

How We Can Help

Through consulting and coaching we serve as a trusted advisor in your journey to change readiness. We will enable you to communicate, collaborate, navigate change, and prepare for the future more effectively.


Ultimately, you’ll spend less time and resources dealing with the impacts of change because your company will be more capable of adapting to what comes its way.

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