Our Value Proposition

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.  – Eckhart Tolle

Disruption is the new normal. Change is rapid and cannot be simply managed.

Your organization must become more adaptive and responsive, so that change can flow through it with little impediment, even serving as a catalyst for innovation. Shape and mold it to meet your needs instead of letting it determine your future. At Future|Shift we understand your challenge and offer a fresh approach to develop solutions through the diverse set of skills and experience we can bring to your project.  

Future|Shift Consulting can help you make the shift to new and better ways of working that empower your people to connect, communicate, collaborate, and co-create the future of your organization.


What does this mean for your organization? Read on to find out more.


The Challenge Your Organization Faces


You can’t keep up with the pace of change today. No one can.


Global connectivity, rapid information exchange, individual empowerment, the pace of technological advances, a growing sharing economy – all of these create massive disruption for businesses. And the pace is only going to increase.


Whether you’re a forward thinking business executive looking to explore new solutions or an internal change agent seeking outside support, Future|Shift understands the challenges you face and can offer the insight and guidance you need to make a difference in your organization. Do you often encounter the following situations?

  • Time and time again your organization isn’t ready to handle change, despite it now being well known that “change is constant” in business today

  • The policies and processes you implement to gain better control over your operations usually get in the way of workers’ performance and engagement

  • Your organizational charts rarely match how work actually gets done and are often a hindrance to better performance

  • Your internal communication efforts are largely ineffective -- generating more noise than action

  • ‘Collaboration’ is given much lip service but rarely seen in practice. And overall connectivity between staff of all levels is lacking​​



More of the Same is Not the Answer

Traditional management approaches weren’t designed to handle today’s fast business environment. Efforts to drive efficiency and predictability usually do so at the expense of adaptability and responsiveness, which are sorely needed in an era of unprecedented abundance of information and connectedness. Typical responses like reshuffling the hierarchy or adding more processes only work as  stopgap measures at best. They simply delay the inevitable if the core issues aren’t addressed.


A Fresh Approach


Organizations need to build the capability to learn and respond rapidly to new information. Instead of focusing so heavily on efficiency they need to focus on adaptability and iteration speed. They need to be able to handle change fluidly as circumstances in their environment change, which means acting as a complex adaptive system, rather than a rigid hierarchical structure -- all in a purpose-driven environment that promotes engagement.


Future|Shift Consulting can work with you and your organization to build the type of strategies and programs that enable it to become a more responsive organization. Our experience inside organizations that underwent significant change, combined with our tested skills, knowledge of new practices, and distinctive perspective on the future of business, can help your business to…

  • ...improve how it communicates with its people

  • ...enable better ways for its people to connect and collaborate with one another or with external partners

  • ...handle change more fluidly and become more adaptive to continuous change

  • ...make the SHIFT to new and better ways of working that lead to more connected, responsive and innovative organizations.


The Value We Bring



Future|Shift Consulting’s principal, Robert Caldera, brings a distinctive set of skills and experience to projects that makes him uniquely qualified to help you transition to the future of work and deliver the outcome you seek.

  • Diverse background: Having held a variety of roles involving engineering, marketing, IT, web strategy, business analysis, project management, corporate communications, and change management, within a number of different industries including civil engineering and construction, professional services (accounting and advisory services), publishing, and pharmaceutical, have provided him with a very broad perspective and ability to understand and develop solutions for many different scenarios, including your unique situation.

  • Ahead of the Curve: Long before it was common, Rob was exploring how to use social collaboration technology and other digital tools to bring about innovation in the workplace and introduce “future of work” practices. He is very passionate and knowledgeable in this area, and has been recognized for his expertise in internal social collaboration.

  • Community of experts: Through his work and involvement with professional organizations, Rob has built up a network of change agents who specialize in future of work practices. Through various professional organizations he routinely shares and learns the latest insight from experts in this field, which he brings to his work with clients. He can also bring in various experts from his network to help with your project as needed.

  • Traits for the job: Rob considers traits such as futuristic-minded (forward thinking), intellection (deep focus), contextual awareness (always take your organization’s history into account), and authenticity as some of his key strengths. This means he will challenge you to think differently and explore better ways of working – to embrace, not fear, change. He truly wants people to come to work in engaged and inspiring workplaces and will strive to help you create one.

  • Right mix of skills: With an engineer’s mind and artist’s/writer’s imagination, Rob’s skills blend both the analytical and creative, making him good at big picture strategic thinking and taking a storytelling approach to communicate those ideas. He’s considered an excellent communicator, able to distill complex topics down to their core ideas and provide the clarity needed.


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